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Reminiscing With Ghosts: Prologue

Title: Reminiscing With Ghosts
Pairing: Ed/Hei, Al/Hei, Ed/Al, Ed/Al/Hei (Eventually, you'll get all of those)
Rating: Eventual NC-17
Warnings: End of original anime spoilers
Summary: Silently, he reminded himself that ghosts don't make noise, and that Edward was just a couple of yards away in the room next door.

A/N: I FEEL LIKE IT'S BEEN FOREVER, I MISS YOU GUYS <3 ...Anyway! This is just a rather short prologue for my newest concoction, like I need to start another one, right? But when muse is so sparse, I gotta pump it out when something, anything hits!

In the dark of night, Alphonse couldn't sleep. He continued to writhe and twist about on the unfamiliar bed, the sheets tangled between his legs and every time he closed his eyes a set of shocking blue one's stared from the insides of his lids. He didn't even know the boy, had never met him, had never even talked to him. The only time he'd even seen him was in his dreams and in person it was only mere minutes after he'd drawn his last breath, lying on the cold concrete floor in a pool of his own blood. Those blue eyes hadn't even been open.

Yet Al couldn't stop thinking about him, he couldn't stop thinking about listening to his brother sob behind the closed kitchen door over a single, framed photograph or that sad, ghostly dance the woman named Noa that looked strikingly like Rose had tapped upon his grave. The mattress beneath him belonged to that boy, he'd slept in the same spot Al was for god-knows how many years, and Alphonse couldn't help but think it was part of the Gate's equivalency that had left Heiderich dead, the two of them could not live in the same world, and Heiderich had died because he, the sinner of the two, was intruding.

Alphonse sighed despondently, rolled onto his side and pulled his knees up to his chest, tucking the thin-worn sheet beneath his chin. Another issue was that the old apartment over Ms. Gracia's made a lot of noise. In the day Al didn't notice it so much, but when he felt alone, especially at night, the sounds crept into his consciousness. Every little creak made him curl tighter into himself. It was silly, after getting his memories back he could remember far more frightening things than the groaning of ancient wooden planking, but still it prompted him to drag his pillow over his head and burrow deeper into the bed as though a rectangle of down-stuffed linen would protect him from whatever lurked in the dark. Silently he reminded himself that ghosts don't make noise, and that Edward was just a couple yards away in the room next door. After an eternity, he drifted into the realms of a restless sleep.

When next he awoke, it was beginning to brighten outside his window. Only slightly, but enough that Alphonse figured it had to be late enough to rise for the day. His sleep had remained interrupted and unpleasant throughout the entire night, but while he didn't feel well rested by any stretch of the imagination, he felt a great deal less guilty. Not that he had redeemed himself in any fashion, but in the middle of the dreary night it was always easier to wallow in self-loathing. With a giant yawn he tugged off his covers, sat up to look around the room and shrieked.

Actually, it came out as more a strangled gasp, and a loud thump as in his surprise he threw himself against his headboard. His breath was caught in his throat and he was quite certain if his eyes opened any wider they would simply tumble out of his head. His hand flew shakily to his mouth as he assured himself mentally that the general stress of his amazingly hectic young life had finally sent him spiraling into insanity, that he had truly and once-and-for-all snapped, and now he was hallucinating.

Across the room, perched with crossed legs atop his dresser was the blue-eyed boy, Alfons Heiderich. After a horrendously long moment of silence the apparition spoke. "You can see me?" He asked calmly, tilting his head to the side curiously. "That's funny, Ed can't, neither could Gracia…I'm sorry, did I startle you?"


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