October 14th, 2020

  • rodya

fanfiction: und betriebsam ist das dumme Herz

title: und betriebsam ist das dumme Herz
fandom: FMA (03): CoS - pre-movie (set in early 1923)
author:rodya @ LJ / AKA zeitreise @ DW / AKA phantasma @ AO3
pairing: Alfons/Edward (established romantic, but, well, [gestures to the pair of them])
rating: PG-13 (see tags)
disclaimer: none of FMA is mine, and I took a few artistic liberties (see notes).
summary: He should be, perhaps — at any given moment — but he’s just not ready to let go.

three technologies — a photograph, a silent film, and a gramophone; two young men; one bustling southern metropolis in the unstable earlier days of the Weimar Republic. please see the end of the work for footnotes!

and click here for the work itself.

—I am not sure if anyone checks this page anymore, but I only figured it was right and good to come back and share this here, the page where I first got into this part of the fandom nearly fifteen years ago when I was in middle school. some things never change, but rather develop. enjoy!